What’s a finesse shot in FIFA 21?

Are finesse shots good in FIFA 21?

Finesse shot in FIFA 21 is a refined and delicate curly shot which has more accuracy rather than power. Finesse shots are usually curled and are taken with inside of the foot.

How to do Finesse Shots.

Platform Buttons
Nintendo Switch R + A

How do you score a flair shot in FIFA 21?

The flair shot is done by holding down the L2 button and pressing the shoot button (L2 + ◯). If done correctly, your player will perform a shot that changes depending on the position of the ball in the pitch.

When should you use a finesse shot?

You should use the finesse shot when you’re inside the box as this will give you the best opportuntiy of scoring. If you opt to drill the ball at close range, it will lack the accuracy needed to hit the corners. If you’re aiming for the bottom corners, you’ll want to add just 1-1.5 bars of power.

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