What is the average punt in the NFL?

What is a good punting average?


Player Avg Net Avg
Jake Bailey 48.7 45.6
Ryan Allen 48.6 38.6
Tress Way 48 44.3
Logan Cooke 47.7 43.2

How many yards is a good punt?

The Player is consistent in season, as he is in our training sessions. An average punt must have a hang time of 4.2 to 4.7 seconds and average 42 yards per punt. The kicker must be 75% consistent on field goals and all kick-offs are 75% touchbacks with 3.9 or higher hang time.

What is a good punt?

A good punt goes for both distance and hang time. A high punt allows the punt coverage players to get down the field and make the tackle before the runner can set up a return. Before you punt, you should warm up and stretch. If you start out trying to kick a long punt without warming up, you may pull a muscle.

Who is the best punter in NFL 2020?

Ranking the top 10 NFL kickers and top 10 punters heading into the 2021 regular season

  • Jack Fox, Lions. …
  • Corey Bojorquez, Rams. …
  • Brett Kern, Titans. …
  • Johnny Hekker, Rams. …
  • 4. Logan Cooke, Jaguars. …
  • Jake Bailey, Patriots. …
  • Tress Way, Washington. …
  • Michael Dickson, Seahawks.

What is the shortest punt in NFL history?

(The shortest punt ever was actually negative-7 yards by Sean Landeta of the New York Giants in the 1985 playoffs (returned five yards for a touchdown), and there have been at least two 1-yard punts.)

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Can you punt on any down?

The 1960-61 49ers, inventors of the modern shotgun formation, punted on 3rd down at least once. The 1971 Chiefs sent out the punter on a 3rd and 48. … And yet, under the right combination of circumstances, NFL teams will still punt before fourth down.