How many teams are in the ACC football?

What are the ACC football divisions?


Atlantic Division Coastal Division
Louisville Virginia
North Carolina State North Carolina
Syracuse Pittsburgh
Wake Forest Duke

Who are the members of the ACC?

Current members of the ACC are: Boston College, Clemson University, Florida State, University of Louisville, North Carolina State, University of Notre Dame, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Pittsburgh, Virginia, and Virginia Tech.

Are there divisions in the ACC this year?

For 2020, the ACC consists of 15 members in one division. The entire 2020 schedule was released on January 22, 2020. On July 29, a revised concept of the schedule was released in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was announced that teams would play a ten game conference schedule, which would include Notre Dame.

Does ACC have 2 divisions?

In two sports, football and baseball, the ACC is divided into two non-geographic divisions of seven teams each, labeled the “Atlantic” and “Coastal” divisions.

Who is ranked number one in the ACC?

1. Clemson (2020 record: 10-2)

What does ACC stand for?


Acronym Definition
ACC Atlantic Coast Conference
ACC Acceptance
ACC Association of Corporate Counsel
ACC Accuracy
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How do you get into the ACC?

ACC has an open-door admission, which means if you’re at least 17 and a high school graduate, GED certificate completer, homeschooled student or a high school non-graduate, you’re welcome to apply.

How many teams are in the ACC football as of 2021?

The ACC consists of 14 members in two divisions. The entire 2021 schedule was released on January 28, 2021.

What conference is Clemson in for football?