Does Coca Cola sponsor the NFL?

What football team does coke sponsor?

Current teams named after a sponsor

Official name Other/Former name Sponsor
Coca-Cola Red Sparks The Coca-Cola Company
Cruz Azul Cemento Cruz Azul
FC Fastav Zlín FK Zlín Fastav
FC Red Bull Salzburg SV Austria Salzburg Red Bull

What athletes does coke sponsor?

Celebrities associated with the Coca-Cola brand include: LeBron James, Penelope Cruz, Courtney Cox, Michelle Kwan, Wayne Rooney, To book a celebrity endorsement deal, call us at 1.888. 246.7141 or fill our athlete endorsement form online.

What sporting events does Coca-Cola sponsor?

Its association with the Olympics goes back to 1928, but Coke also sponsors a host of other sporting events including Wimbledon, the Football and Rugby World Cups, and sporting brands such as Adidas. Coke also takes its brand association through to its above the line executions surrounding major sporting events.

Who are the NFL’s biggest sponsors?

The Al-driven sponsorship analytics platform – which is based on analysis of six assets across 353 exposures and 2300 seconds on screen – uncovered that the top five most visible sponsors at the annual National Football League (NFL) championship game were Verizon, Pepsi, Bud Light, Gatorade and DraftKings.

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How do I find a sponsor?

5 Steps to Get Sponsorship for Your Events

  1. IDENTIFY YOUR ASSETS TO A SPONSOR. Sponsors leverage their sponsorship as a marketing strategy. …
  2. TIMING IS IMPORTANT. Most companies only do event sponsoring at certain times of the year. …

How can I get Coke to sponsor me?

According to the guidelines set forth by Coca-Cola Company, securing a sponsorship from the company can be achieved if your organization, event or cause fit into their commitment to social responsibility or their promotional and marketing strategies. Go to the official informational website for Coca-Cola.

Who is sponsoring the 2021 Olympics?

Alibaba, Atos, Bridgestone, Dow Chemical, GE, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, and Visa are all Worldwide Olympic Sponsors, but their total spending over the first six months of 2021 totaled $50.7mm, which is only 2% of all Olympic sponsor spending.

What does Mcdonald’s sponsor?

In addition to the usual media such as television, radio and newspaper ads, the company makes significant use of billboards and signage, and sponsors sporting events ranging from Little League to the FIFA World Cup and Olympic Games.

How do I get Mcdonalds to sponsor my event?

If you would like to request a McDonald’s donation for your event, please fill out the donation request form. A two-week notice is necessary for filling donations. Any request submitted with fewer than two-week’s notice may not be granted.

How much does it cost to sponsor the Olympics?

Basic, four-year sponsorship packages start in the neighborhood of $200 million but with two highly lucrative Western markets hosting the Olympics soon—Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028—the price of sponsorships is likely to go up, Bloomberg reports.

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What sports drink does coke make?


  • smartwater.
  • vitaminwater.
  • Topo Chico.
  • Aquarius.
  • I LOHAS.
  • Ciel.

Who sponsors the NFL 2020?

Microsoft, Verizon and Gatorade will all play a big role in the NFL’s return during the coronavirus pandemic. The NFL is working with brand partners, including Microsoft and Verizon, on ways to include fans in its 2020 season likely impacted by Covid-19.