Your question: Who has the longest bowl streak in college football?

What college team has been to the most bowl games?

Bama has also played in the most bowl games (62). Note: Four SEC teams are in the Top 10 in terms of bowl appearances: Alabama (62), Georgia (50), Tennessee (50) and LSU (46).

Did Virginia Tech make a bowl game?

Virginia Tech has opted out of a bowl game, ending the nation’s longest bowl streak at 27 straight years. Coach Justin Fuente said Wednesday he met with the team, and the players decided they wanted to bypass any postseason opportunity.

Who won the most bowls?

The New England Patriots ( 6–5 ) and Pittsburgh Steelers ( 6–2 ) have won the most Super Bowls with six championships, while the Dallas Cowboys ( 5–3 ) and the San Francisco 49ers ( 5–2 ) have five wins.

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