Your question: What is the best football match of all time?

Which is the No 1 football game in world?

1. FIFA ’12. This may be controversial for a game so early in its days, but FIFA 12 may go down as a hallmark game in this series and the virtual football world.

What is the most boring football match ever?

The “Disgrace of Gijón” is the name given to a 1982 FIFA World Cup football match played between West Germany and Austria at the El Molinón stadium in Gijón, Spain, on 25 June 1982.

Disgrace of Gijón.

El Molinón, the venue for the match
Event 1982 FIFA World Cup
Referee Bob Valentine (Scotland)
Attendance 41,000

Which game has the best career mode?

In short, congratulations to the 2K development team as NBA 2K21 MyPlayer takes home the Operation Sports Best Career Mode in 2020 award.

Where is the World Cup 2030?

The 2030 World Cup will mark the tournament’s 100th anniversary, which was first held in Uruguay. Fifa is expected to announce the 2030 host in 2024. Next year’s World Cup will take place in Qatar and the 2026 tournament will be hosted jointly by Canada, Mexico and the USA.

Does PES 2021 have Champions League?

Interestingly, while Konami managed to scoop the rights to UEFA’s European Championship, it will not have the Champions League (or Europa League) after EA Sports landed a deal with UEFA in 2018.

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Does F1 2020 have career mode?

In F1 2020’s Driver Career or MyCareer mode, you get to select the Formula One team that you’ll join. This is the traditional career mode that’s been part of the series, and quite different from the all-new MyTeam mode where you’re both the driver and owner of a team.

What games have career mode?


  • Madden NFL 06.
  • Madden NFL 07.
  • Madden NFL 08.
  • Madden NFL 09.
  • Madden NFL 10.
  • Madden NFL 11.
  • Major League Baseball 2K10.
  • Major League Baseball 2K11.

What sports game has the best franchise?

Nonetheless though, they all have elements to them that are outstanding.

  1. 1 NBA 2K. It seems as though that NBA 2K is the most talked-about sports series at this said juncture.
  2. 2 FIFA. …
  3. 3 MLB The Show. …
  4. 4 NHL. …
  5. 5 Pro Evolution Soccer. …
  6. 6 EA Sports UFC. …
  7. 7 Madden NFL. …
  8. 8 WWE 2K. …