Your question: How can I join Nigeria Football Academy?

How much does it cost to join a football academy in Nigeria?

Check out the list below to find out the registration costs of the best football academies in Nigeria: Pepsi Football Academy: N6,000 (players between ages 5 and 14 years), N12,000 (players from 15 years upward) Kwara State Football Academy: N7,500. Midas Football Academy: N77,000.

How do I join the Pepsi Football Academy?

How to join Pepsi Football Academy

  1. Applicants who want join the Pepsi Football Academy must first go to any of the academy’s training centre and introduce themselves to the coaches. …
  2. The coaches will make an assessment of the applicant’s football skills and attributes such as, touches.

Is there any free football academy in Nigeria?

At Kwara State Football Academy, talented and committed young players are allowed to acquire a formal education free while training as professional footballers.

Can you join football Academy 25?

A player must be at least nine years old to join an Academy, but many clubs – such as Arsenal – have development groups which cater for even younger players.

How much do Academy players get paid?

How much do academy players get paid? Academy players in the United States do not get paid, they pay to play. The amount that players must pay to play at the academy level is astronomical. For example, playing on a team in the Development Academy costs $2,800 just for membership.

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How much is the fee for Pepsi football Academy?

Registration fees for Pepsi football academy

Requirements Age of 6 years – 14 years Age of 15 years and above
Quarterly fees 2000 3000
Training kit 2000 3000
Identity card 500 500
Training bag 500 500