Why is it called Pick 6 Football?

Why is it called Pick 6?

The term comes from “picking” the ball out of the air, stealing it from the quarterback. The term 6 is how many points are awarded to the defense once the player intercepted its scores. Touchdowns are worth 6 points and can be scored on interceptions.

What is the definition of pick 6?

1 : a system of betting (as on horse races) in which the bettor must pick the winners of six consecutive races …

When was the term pick six first used?

Most sources suggest that the term originated sometime in the early 2000s. Common wisdom suggests that the phrase came about as broadcasting shorthand for saying a defensive player “got a pick and six points” due to an interception return for a touchdown.

Does a Pick 6 go against defense?

Beginning with the 2017/19 season, offensive points gained by pick 6’s or fumble recoveries for TD’s will NOT have any effect on your D/ST score. However, Special Team’s points still count against your D/ST score (i.e. a punt return for a TD against your D/ST).

What is the difference between an interception and a pick 6?

As soon as a pass is intercepted, everyone on the defense immediately acts as blockers, helping the person with the interception get as much yardage as possible and perhaps a touchdown (commonly called a “pick six”, since a touchdown is worth 6 points); at the same time, everyone on the offense becomes the defense and …

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Is a Pick 6 good in football?

Without it, a pick 6 is impossible and won’t ever happen in a football game. The second thing on the list is a touchdown. Without it, a pick 6 is considered an interception. An interception occurs when a defender catches a forward pass/ball thrown by the quarterback (QB).

Why is it called a pick?

When a defensive player intercepts a pass, it’s also referred to as a “pick”, in reference to “picking off the forward pass.” When that interception, or pick, is returned all the way for a touchdown, the team is then awarded six points.

What is the difference between a pick and an interception?

An interception is commonly referred to as an “INT” or a “pick”, a shortened form of “picked off”. An interception returned for a touchdown is commonly referred to as a “pick 6” because the resulting touchdown is worth 6 points.

What is the most pick sixes in a game?


Player Pick6 Boxscore
Rex Grossman 2 Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers, December 31, 2006
Tommy Wade 2 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Washington Redskins, December 19, 1965
Randy Wright 2 Green Bay Packers vs. San Francisco 49ers, October 26, 1986
Johnny Green 2 Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Texans, November 6, 1960