Who won CIF Football 2018?

How many divisions are there in CIF football?

With the blessing of the coaches’ committee and section council, football will be the first sport to use season-long, power rankings to place qualified teams into 14 divisions the weekend before the playoffs begin. All teams will also be seeded in their brackets using the power rankings.

Is there a national championship for high school football?

High school football doesn’t have an official national championship, but a “mythical” national championship has been awarded to high school football teams since 1910, when the National Sports News Service named Oak Park (Illinois) High School the first national champ.

Who is the most winningest high school football team?

USA’s Ten Winningest High School Football Programs

Pl. Team Wins
1 Valdosta, GA 934
2 Louisville Male, KY 919
3 Mayfield, KY 914

How CIF divisions are determined?

The top or open division in each sport will be determined at the end of the regular season and the 8 Open Division teams will be selected from Division I teams. 8. In the sports of volleyball, basketball and soccer, state playoff representatives will be determined by the CIFSDS at the conclusion of the CIFSDS playoffs.

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