Who is undefeated in college football this year?

Who is the best team in college football right now?

College Football Playoff Rankings

Rank Team Record
1 Alabama 13-0
2 Clemson 10-2
3 Ohio State 7-1
4 Notre Dame 10-2

Who are the four top teams in college football?

AP Top 25

Rank Team Points (No. 1 votes)
1 Alabama 1,546 (58)
2 Georgia 1,492 (4)
3 Oregon 1,411
4 Penn State 1,283

What is Tennessee ranked in football?

Tennessee’s recent wins and explosive offensive performances have garnered enough attention to earn them a spot in the top 25 of ESPN’s latest College Football Power Index, coming in at the 23rd spot.

Is TCU ranked in football?

TCU hasn’t been ranked since being No. 25 in Week 4 of the 2019 season. TCU wasn’t ranked during the 2020 season, the first time it didn’t appear in the rankings an entire season since 2004.

Who has the most losses in college football?

Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern has an all-time record of 489-632-44, which is one of the worst in the history of college football. In fact, they have the most losses in college football history, one ahead of Indiana, who may pass them in 2012. The Wildcats first started playing football in 1876.

Who is the best college football team 2021?

AP Top 25 Updated Oct 12, 2021

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Rank Team Points
1 Georgia (62) 6-0 1550
2 Iowa 6-0 1476
3 Cincinnati 5-0 1407
4 Oklahoma 6-0 1336

Who is number 5 in college football?

AP Top 25 Poll: Week 7

RANK school (first-place vOtes) RECORD
5 Alabama 5-1
6 Ohio State 5-1
7 Penn State 5-1
8 Michigan 6-0