Who is the most successful football coach in the world?

Who is the No 1 coach in football?

FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football

Year Rank Name
2019 1st Jürgen Klopp
2nd Pep Guardiola
3rd Mauricio Pochettino
2020 1st Jürgen Klopp

Who is the best player of the world?

Player of the Year

Player FIFA World Player of the Year (1991–2009) The Best FIFA Men’s Player (2016–current)
Lionel Messi 1 1
Cristiano Ronaldo 1 2
Ronaldo 3
Zinédine Zidane 3

Who is richest player in the world?

1. Faiq Bolkiah: $20 Billion.

What is Pep Guardiola salary?

According to information provided by the Transfer Window Podcast, Pep Guardiola’s annual salary at Manchester City has increased from €17 million to €22 million, which has become effective immediately.

Who is the oldest manager in Champions League?

He has reached a total of four Champions League finals. Zinedine Zidane is the only manager to have won titles in three consecutive years, all with Real Madrid.

By year.

Final 1956
Nationality ESP
Winning manager José Villalonga
Nation ESP
Club Real Madrid

Who is the greatest football club of all time?

The Top 10 Football Teams Of All Time

  • Arsenal (2004) Image: The Premier League Heroes. …
  • Milan (1988–1994) …
  • Ajax (1965-1973) …
  • West Germany (1972–1974) …
  • Germany in the 1974 World Cup Final. …
  • France (1998–2000) …
  • Real Madrid (1955–1960) …
  • Real Madrid in the 1960 European Cup Final.
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Who is the goat of soccer?

GOAT of Football in 2021: Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is considered by many the greatest footballer of all time, and 2021 was the year Lionel Messi finally broke his international curse, by lifting the long awaited Copa America title for Argentina.