Who is still undefeated in college football?

Has there ever been a 0 0 tie in college football?

One of the sloppiest games in college football history took place on Nov. 19, 1983. It was also the last time a major college football game ended in a scoreless tie. Oregon and Oregon State played to a 0-0 tie in heavy rain at Autzen Stadium in a game plagued by miscues.

What college football teams are undefeated 2021?

Here are the remaining undefeated college football teams in the FBS for the 2021 season

  • No. 1 Georgia (6-0) Next game: 3:30 p.m. ET, Saturday, Oct. …
  • No. 3 Cincinnati (5-0) …
  • No. 4 Oklahoma (6-0) …
  • No. 8 Michigan (6-0) …
  • No. 10 Michigan State (6-0) …
  • No. 11 Kentucky (6-0) …
  • No. 12 Oklahoma State (5-0) …
  • No. 15 Coastal Carolina (6-0)

What is the lowest football score ever?

Lowest-scoring game in NFL history

Throughout the entire course of NFL history, 73 games have ended 0-0. However, that has not happened since the Giants and Detroit Lions did so in 1943. Similarly, five NFL games in history have finished with a score of 2-0.

What is the longest game in college football history?

The 2003 Arkansas vs. Kentucky football game was a college football game played on November 1, 2003 between the University of Arkansas Razorbacks and the University of Kentucky Wildcats; it tied an NCAA record for the longest football game ever played. The game included seven overtime periods.

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What is the biggest blowout in NCAA football history?

The 1916 Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech football game was the most lopsided in the history of college American football, with Georgia Tech winning 222–0.

Who has the most losses in college football?

Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern has an all-time record of 489-632-44, which is one of the worst in the history of college football. In fact, they have the most losses in college football history, one ahead of Indiana, who may pass them in 2012. The Wildcats first started playing football in 1876.