Who has most hat tricks in football?

How many Champions League Golden Boots does Ronaldo have?

Who has scored the most hat-tricks in world football?

10) Most international hat-tricks

The Portuguese talisman has so far scored 10 international hat-tricks which is the most by any player in the world. He has scored the most hat-tricks (2 against Lithuania). Iran’s Ali Daei scored eight hat-tricks while Lionel Messi has seven to his name.

Who has scored the most hat tricks in La Liga?

Most league hat-tricks scored in a season: 8, joint record: Lionel Messi (2011–12)

Individual records

  • Ronaldo for Barcelona (1996–97) (42 games)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid (2011–12) (38 games)
  • Lionel Messi for Barcelona (2012–13) (38 games)

Did Ronaldo score hat-trick against Barcelona?

László Kubala scored 7 goals in a match in 1952 with Barcelona. Alfredo di Stéfano scored 22 hat-tricks with Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo scored 34 hat-tricks for Real Madrid between 2010 and 2018.


7 Player scored seven goals
Player scored hat-trick as a substitute
The home team

Who has most hat tricks between Messi and Ronaldo?

This is what this section is about. Currently, Leo Messi has achieved 54 hat-tricks and Cristiano Ronaldo 57. The distance between them is minimal, despite the fact that Ronaldo has played 2 seasons more.

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Who’s faster Ronaldo or Messi?

You’ll have to look down all the way to seventh position to find Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who often used to be considered as the world’s fastest footballer. Now 32, the Portuguese forward has slowed down a tad, finding a a maximum of 33.6km per hour, while Barcelona’s Lionel Messi is in ninth (32.5km per hour).

What is it called when you get 4 goals in soccer?

A ‘brace’ and a ‘hat-trick’ are the most commonly used phrases to describe a player scoring multiple goals. … Four goals scored by a single player in a match can be described as a ‘haul’, while five goals is unofficially a ‘glut’.