What soccer player is number 16?

Who is the best number 16 in football?

Iconic NFL players with number 16 jerseys include Joe Montana, Len Dawson, and Frank Gifford, all Hall of Fame-level players whose career highlights are among the.

What athletes wear the number 16?

16: Joe Montana, NFL.

What is the most popular soccer number?

The Most Famous Soccer Jersey Numbers

  1. Number 10. The Jersey number 10 is now worn exclusively by the greatest players. …
  2. Number 7. Number 7 is worn by Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. …
  3. Number 23. Two players come to mind when you hear or see the number 23; Michael Jordan and David Beckham. …
  4. Number 9.

Where is the weakest soccer player?

Many times, the “worst” player is put in an outside wing or wide forward position. However, assess the specific situation when choosing a position. Youth coaches often have to deal with multiple weak players. In that case, it’s best to have your strongest players in the center of the pitch.

What is number 7 in football?

The No. 7 shirt is reserved for wingers and second strikers, though there are some examples of legendary central strikers who have worn the shirt, thus giving the number classic status. Cristiano Ronaldo was given the No. … He is also famously known as ‘CR7’.

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Who is the best number 11 in football?

Top 10 Best Number 11 in Football Right Now

  • Angel di Maria. Name. Angel di Maria.
  • Gareth Bale. Name. Gareth Bale. …
  • Marco Reus. Name. Marco Reus. …
  • Douglas Costa. Name. Douglas Costa. …
  • Ousmane Dembele. Name. Ousmane Dembele. …
  • Thomas Lemar. Name. Thomas Lemar. …
  • Hirving Lozano. Name. Hirving Lozano. Position. …
  • Pedro Rodriguez. Name. Pedro. Position. …

Who is the best No 7 in football?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Arguably the greatest player in football history, Ronaldo is the best number 7 of all time. The Portuguese star has won the Ballon D’or award five times in his career so far.

Who is number 11 in football?

The No. 11 shirt is mostly dedicated to a team’s left winger, with Man Utd hero Ryan Giggs one of the famous wearers of the shirt. Didier Drogba, however, bore the shirt as a striker during his Chelsea days, while Neymar wore the shirt playing for Santos and Barcelona – a nod to Brazil legend Romario, who did likewise.

What quarterback is number 16?

Joe Montana was born June 11, 1956 and is a Pro Football Hall of Fame retired NFL Quarterback that played for the San Francisco 49ers & the Kansas City Chiefs. He wore the number 16 for 14 seasons in the NFL.

Who wears 19 NFL?

Class of 2004 inductee Bob Brown wore #76 with the Eagles, Rams, and Raiders.

18 Dawson , Henry , JOINER , Kiesling , MANNING , Moss , THOMAS
19 ALWORTH , Christiansen , Flaherty , Michalske , Montana , UNITAS
20 BARNEY , BATTLES , DAWKINS , Driscoll , Flaherty , Henry , Lambeau , McNally , REED , RENFRO , SANDERS
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What position is 14 in soccer?

14 – The Brains

The fourteen is a class player, often in the midfield and usually one that gets by with brains rather than brawn. This number became famous because of Johan Cruyff, the embodiment of total football. He switched to it in 1970, previously he had been #9.