What is the difference between FG and SG Football Boots?

Can you wear AG on FG?

You can use an AG boot on both grass and AG whilst getting great traction, no warranty voided, no boot prematurely breaking. You can’t use an FG boot on AG grass without an increase in injury risk (especially with blades), warranty voided, boot prematurely breaking.

Can you wear FG boots on 4G?

Can you wear firm ground football boots on artificial grass? Modern FG boots are suitable for 3G/4G pitches due to their shorter/ moulded studs.

Can you wear FG boots on concrete?

Can you wear football boots on concrete? Soft ground (SG) / firm ground (FG) / artificial ground (AG) football boot soleplates. Images from Nike. As previously touched on, wearing any form of football boots on concrete is a complete no-no.

What does FG MG mean?

Fg = mg. where Fg is the weight of the object in Newtons. m is the mass of the object in kg. g is the gravitational field strength in. N/kg or m/s2.

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