What equipment is needed for a flag football game?

What do you need for flag football?

To play the game, you need a football and a flag or flag belt for each player. A coin is tossed prior to the opening kick-off to determine which team will kick-off first and which goals teams will defend. Teams change ends at half-time. Play begins with a kick-off at the start of each half and after a score.

Are pads worn in the game of flag football?

One explanation may be that the equipment in the two football variants differs. In tackle football, pads and helmets are worn, but in flag football, they aren’t. Players typically wear a belt around their waist with three flags. There are also differences in the overall way the games are played.

What kind of cleats do you wear for flag football?

Soccer cleats are a great option for footwear when playing flag football. They are lightweight, look great, and could even give you an advantage on the field.

What pants do you wear for flag football?

We recommend players wear shorts or pants that do not have pockets. Shorts or pants with belt loops must be taped. Flag belts cannot be the same color as shorts or pants.

What happens when you get a flag in football?

During a football game, we’ve all seen the officials pull a little yellow scarf out of their pockets and throw it onto the field. That little yellow scarf is known as a FLAG, and it signals that a rule has been broken and a penalty will be enforced on one the teams.

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Can you guard your flag?

Teams should not guard their flags too closely.

One way to do this is to disallow players to be within 10 feet of their own flag unless an opposing team’s player is present. When a player is in an opposing team’s territory, they can be captured by that team’s players.