What did the Big 10 decide about football?

What did the Big Ten decide on football?

The Big Ten has announced that the league’s 14 athletic directors and Senior Women’s Administrators have voted to change their rule mandating that a team must have played at least six games this season in order to qualify for the Big Ten Football Championship Game in Indianapolis on Dec.

Did the Big Ten make a decision on football?

The Big Ten, a big-time college football conference, reversed its decision to postpone fall sports and will resume football on Oct. 23, citing changed medical evidence and improved testing protocols.

What did Big Ten decide?

“The decision was based on a competitive analysis which determined that Ohio State would have advanced to the Big Ten Football Championship Game based on its undefeated record and head-to-head victory over Indiana regardless of a win or loss against Michigan,” the Big Ten said in a statement.

What did the Big 10 decide today?

Just over a month after the Big Ten became the first major conference to postpone the 2020 football season, the league reversed its decision Wednesday and announced plans to begin playing the weekend of Oct. … The conference’s university presidents and chancellors voted unanimously to play football this fall.

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Did the Big 10 change their mind?

So they backed out of the season and then changed their minds and came back. They announced a schedule both before and after that entire month-long fiasco. Then they made an arbitrary rule saying that a team had to play six of the eight games to play for the Big Ten title game.

What made Big Ten schools change their mind about playing football this fall?

The Pac-12 was quick to follow the Big Ten in postponing its fall sports through the rest of the calendar year on Aug. 11, in part citing the need for more rapid coronavirus testing. But the new tests have been hailed as a “game-changer” by Commissioner Larry Scott.

Is there still a Big Ten?

There are currently six Big Ten programs that are still undefeated at this point of the season. These teams are the University of Maryland, Michigan, the University of Iowa, Michigan State, Penn State University and Rutgers.

Is Michigan football allowing fans?

Michigan football fans will be encouraged, but not required, to wear face coverings in outdoor areas, such as entry gates, the concourse and in the seating bowl. Capacities for home athletic events are not being limited or reduced at the University of Michigan. …

Why did the Big Ten come back?

The Big Ten Conference announced Wednesday that it will play football this fall, a stunning reversal from the league’s move last month to push back the 2020 season because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why does Ohio State only play 6 games?

The conventional wisdom around college football is that the Buckeyes playing only six games gives them an advantage because they haven’t sustained as much wear and tear as the other teams. But it could also cut the other way, as the Buckeyes haven’t had the chance to build any momentum or continuity.

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Is Ohio State in the Big Ten championship?

Ohio State (2014, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) has claimed five titles including the last four. Wisconsin (2011 and 2012) and Michigan State (2013 and 2015) have each won two Big Ten Championship Games, while Penn State was victorious in 2016.

Has Big Ten football been Cancelled?

11): The Big Ten has canceled its fall sports season, including football, commissioner Kevin Warren announced Tuesday. The conference will explore the possibility of a spring season. There are now 41 FBS programs that will not play in the fall in 2020. The Big Ten has cancelled fall sports, including football.

Did Big Ten make a decision?

The Big Ten made a business decision — and it’s the right decision. The conference on Wednesday waived a six-game requirement to make its championship game, which will allow No. 4 Ohio State (5-0) to represent the East division against No. 14 Northwestern (5-1) on Dec.