Quick Answer: Is football big in Mexico?

Is Mexico good at soccer?

Mexico: world ranking of men’s national soccer team 2009-2021. As of May 2021, the Mexican national men’s soccer team ranked 11th in the world FIFA ranking, seven places higher than in 2019 when it placed 18th in the ranking table.

What is Mexico’s favorite football team?

The New England Patriots are the most popular team in Mexico — followed by the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Raiders and Green Bay Packers — and played there in 2017.

What is Canada’s favorite NFL team?

So what NFL teams are the most popular in Canada? Here in BC it’s of course the Seahawks, with a smattering of Niners supporters. I would assume that Alberta supports the Broncos.

How popular is Mexican soccer?

It was found that 57.4 percent of the people interviewed liked to watch, play or be up to date with soccer as of June 2019.

Level of interest in soccer in Mexico from 2015 to 2019.

Characteristic Share of respondents interested in soccer
January 2018 58%
January 2017 55.7%
January 2016 53.8%
January 2015 56.2%
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