Question: What year did footballers wives start?

What happened to Conrad in Footballers Wives?

At the beginning of the first series we find out Conrad has died, he appears in flashback sequences as Amber is regressed in Series 5. A stand is made at Earls Park in memory of the captain.

Why was Chardonnay killed off?

Chardonnay was the glamour model who went through a tough time in the show. She was married to Kyle Pascoe and adopted her mother-in-laws baby Paddy. Played by Suzie Amy, Chardonnay tragically died after a battle with anorexia, leaving her husband devastated.

Why did Susie Amy leave footballers wives?

FOOTBALLERS’ Wives star Susie Amy has quit the hit TV show to head for Hollywood. The stunning actress, who shot to fame as Page Three girl Chardonnay, handed in her notice just days before the start of filming the third series. … “However, it feels like the right time for me to move on and explore other acting roles.

Why did Footballers Wives end?

The drama revolved around the club’s footballers…but more importantly the WAGS. The show featured a number of controversial storylines including drug abuse, love triangles and murder. Due to failing ratings, the series was cancelled after the fifth run.

Who kidnaps Holly in Footballers Wives?

Kidnapping is a legit way of sorting out your problems

Holly turned up five months later, though, thanks to a lead from a postman. It’s Amber’s kidnapping in season 3 that really takes the biscuit, though, mainly as she kidnaps herself after a viscious catfight with Tanya over the fact that Tanya’s been bonking him.

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