Question: How tight should football pants be?

How should football practice pants fit?

Pants. Football pants should fit properly so that the knee pads cover the knee cap, hip pads cover the hip bones, the tailbone pad covers the tailbone, and thigh pads cover a good share of the thigh. Pads should not be removed from the pants.

Do football pants run big or small?

Football pants need a snug fit to hold the pads in the right areas for adequate protection. They come in youth, varsity, and adult sizes from small to X-large, measuring by the waist. A small is 22 to 24 inches, a medium is 24 to 26 inches, a large is 28 to 30 inches, and an X large is 32 to 34 inches.

How do you measure your waist for football pants?

Measure the waist around the narrowest part (typically the small of your back and where your body bends side to side), keeping the tape horizontal. Use the chart to determine your size.

What do kids wear under their football pads?

T-Shirts. This is perhaps the most popular of the garments to wear under shoulder pads. … Lightweight cotton T-shirts are the best option so you don’t run the risk of overheating in warm weather. Many football players cut the sleeves off of the T-shirts for added ventilation.

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Are football pants comfortable?

With pants that have pockets for pads, the pads slide around a lot, requiring constant adjustment. … Integrated pants, on the other hand, tend to have a more comfortable fit because the pads stay in place. These pants also may have moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the player cooler.

What should I wear to tackle football?

A properly outfitted tackle football player is required to wear a helmet with a face mask, a set of shoulder pads, football pants, and cleats. Many NFL players have reportedly been using light, flexible shoulder pads made by X-Tech.

What is the difference between girdles and football pants?

The football girdle is a thin sleeve of material worn under the outer shell of football pants. The traditional girdle, basically a pair of pants beneath the football pants, features stitched pockets to hold a protective cup and pads for the thighs, hips and tailbone.

What do pro football players wear under their pants?

Football pads:

Football pads consist of padded hard plastics. They help to protect players as they hit one another during a game. They also reduce the impact on vital areas of the body. Some of the body areas you can use football pads include chest, elbows, hips, knee caps, and legs.

Do football pants have padding?

Do football pants have padding? INTEGRATED FOOTBALL PANTS Constructed of EVA foams, these pads help protect from collisions on the field. All players need to do is put these pants on and focus on scoring the game-winning touchdown. Remember: It’s important to make sure your integrated pants fit correctly.

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How do you measure youth football pants?

L = WAIST: 30″ – 32″ XL = WAIST: 34″ – 36″


  1. WAIST: Measure around the narrowest part of your body; keep tape horizontal.
  2. Body measurements are listed in inches.
  3. If your body measurement is on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit.

How do you size a youth football helmet?

Use a flexible measuring tape or string. Start to measure at a spot on the forehead, about 1″ above your eyebrows (this is where the forehead pad of the helmet will rest) Wrap the measuring tape around the widest circumference of the head to get the most accurate reading.

What is a size 50 Reebok jersey?

Reebok NFL jerseys size chart

Size Chest (in inches)
S 42 37.5
M 46 41
L 50 44
XL 54 48.5