How long is it around a football field?

How many miles is it around a football field?

The most common track in the US (e.g. in high school and college stadiums around a standard football field) is 1/4 mile (440 yards). Therefore four times around it is one mile.

How long is a lap around a soccer field?

A lap is 380 yards. The team runs 50,160 yards (=132 laps x 380 yards per lap). 50,160 yards is 28.5 miles (=50,160 yards/1,760 yards per mile).

How many laps of a soccer field is 2 miles?

Time yourself and try to go just a little faster every time you run. A good way to measure a mile is by running laps around a high school track (4 laps = 1 mile), or if your soccer field is 100 yards by 60 yards, 5.5 laps around a soccer field is a mile.

How many meters is one lap around a soccer field?

Therefore, for a soccer player to make one revolution around the soccer field without cutting corners, they have to race a distance of 400 meters (one lap), which is the total distance of a track. It is almost the same as 440 yards.

How many laps is an oval 2 km?

How many laps is an oval 2 km? The two most commonly used is the outdoor track, where 1 lap is 400 meters, and the indoor track, where 1 lap is 200 meters. So if you are running on an indoor track, you cover 1.2 kilometers. With the outdoor track, 6 laps would give you 2.4 kilometers.

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What is a good 5K time by age?

What is the average 5k time by age and sex?

Age Male Female
35-39 33:44 37:21
40-44 32:26 38:26
45-49 33:13 39:19
50-54 34:30 41:20

How many laps around a football field is a kilometer?

The answer is 10.936132983377. We assume you are converting between football field [U.S.] and kilometre.