How do you catch a football with small hands?

Do you need big hands to catch a football?

Traits Needed to Catch Football Well

Not only the hand size is just a piece of puzzle for predicting receivers production, it is for the act of catching itself. Having bigger hands doesn’t necessary mean these pigskins will be automatically sucked into them without even trying.

Can you be a quarterback with small hands?

At 9 inches, he’s tied with Jared Goff for the smallest hands of any potential No. … Of the four quarterbacks who made it to the championship round, three of them (Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo and Ryan Tannehill) had hands that measured at 9.25 inches or smaller at the combine.

What should your hands look like when catching a ball below your waist?

If you’re catching the ball above the waist, have your palms out, thumbs together, index fingers together and your fingers open. This action creates a good pocket in the shape of a triangle for the ball to land in. When catching the ball below the waist, keep your palms out, pinkies together and your fingers open.

What are four key points of catching the ball?

Proficient Catching

  • learn to catch with the hands and give with the ball, thus gradually absorbing the ball’s force;
  • master the ability to move to the left or the right, or forward or back, to intercept the ball; and.
  • point the fingers up when catching a high ball and down when catching a low one.
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What is the most important body part for catching the football?

The eyes are the most important component of the catch. Teach receivers to look through the window created by their hands. This technique is used not only to teach basic catching, but also to underscore the significance of using the eyes in the catch.