How did Footballers Wives end?

Why did Tanya leave footballers wives?

Hollyoaks Soap Scoop!

When Tanya actress Zoe Lucker decided to bow out of the show during series four, ratings plummeted, so ITV bosses decided to get her back at all costs, and that meant pulling in a superstar to act opposite her. … Lucker exclusively told Digital Spy: “I worked with Joan Collins in season five.

Does Tanya Turner come back?

Zoe – who played the legendary Tanya Turner in the 2000s ITV drama – had left the show midway through the fourth series, but her character subsequently returned in series five. The actor has now revealed that she was tempted back to the show after producers told her they’d cast Dame Joan as a new rival for Tanya.

What happened to Conrad in Footballers Wives?

At the beginning of the first series we find out Conrad has died, he appears in flashback sequences as Amber is regressed in Series 5. A stand is made at Earls Park in memory of the captain.

Did footballers wives get Cancelled?

The drama revolved around the club’s footballers…but more importantly the WAGS. The show featured a number of controversial storylines including drug abuse, love triangles and murder. Due to failing ratings, the series was cancelled after the fifth run.

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Is football wives coming back?

The outrageous 00s series followed the off-field antics of the wives and girlfriends of a fictional football team and featured a number of wild and ridiculous storylines. A full revival of the series is still a way off though, as producer Liz Lake said in 2019 that there were no plans for it to return to TV.

Who killed Jason Turner footballers wives?

Series Three

Her widower, Kyle, bore her secret — she had killed Jason, and then battled with anorexia due to the pressure of her guilt, which eventually led to her death. Jason, however, was ruled in court to have committed suicide. Events in Tanya’s life also took a surprising turn.

Who kidnaps Holly in Footballers Wives?

Kidnapping is a legit way of sorting out your problems

Holly turned up five months later, though, thanks to a lead from a postman. It’s Amber’s kidnapping in season 3 that really takes the biscuit, though, mainly as she kidnaps herself after a viscious catfight with Tanya over the fact that Tanya’s been bonking him.