Frequent question: How many years did the Carter High football players serve?

Which Carter High players went to jail?

Carter High School students and football players Derric Evans and Gary Edwards facing robbery charges and the connection to a robbery of Herman’s World of Sporting Goods store by a Hillcrest football player.

What NFL players went to Carter High School?

All Players

Player Pos From
Daryl Jones WR 2002
Jessie Armstead LB 1993
Greg Hill RB 1994
Le’Shai Maston RB 1993

Who is Carter High based on?

If you enjoyed remember the titans or Friday night lights then you will truly enjoy this. Carter High is the true story of the powerhouse 1988 David W. Carter High School Football Team from Dallas, Texas. After looking this up it sure seems to be 100% accurate.

What happened in Carter High?

The film is centered on the 1988 Cowboys of David W. Carter High School in Dallas, a team that fought through racial prejudice and a grades controversy to claim the 5A state title, only to be rocked when six of their players were involved in an armed robbery and the grades issue stripped them of their title.

Where is Don Billingsley now?

He is now back at Permian as an instructor and assistant basketball coach. After graduating from Permian, Billingsley stopped playing football in the fall of 1989 after arthroscopic surgery to his knee.

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Why is Odessa Permian called mojo?

“Mojo” supposedly originated in 1967 when a group of Permian alumni met the team in Abilene Cooper for the game between the Panthers and Cougars. Legend has it that Permian’s fans began chanting “Go Joe” for one of the Permian players. Other fans misheard this as “Mojo”.

Who was on Dallas Carter football 1988?

Featuring future NFL players Jessie Armstead, Le’Shai Maston and Clifton Abraham, Carter went 14-0-1 on the field in 1988, beat the Odessa Permian team that inspired Friday Night Lights and dominated Converse Judson 31-14 in the Class 5A state championship game.