Did Messi ever play with Maradona?

What players did Maradona play with?

Diego Maradona

Played together with: Matches Minutes
Antonio Carannante Left-Back 81 4.620
Giuliano Giuliani Goalkeeper 79 6.715
Luca Fusi Defensive Midfield 78 6.231
Alemão Defensive Midfield 77 6.159

Why is Maradona dead?

He reportedly suffered a heart attack at his home following brain surgery. … Maradona’s autopsy determined he died in his sleep of acute pulmonary edema, a condition involving fluid buildup in the lungs, because of congestive heart failure.

Who is Messi wife?

What Messi said about Maradona?

Lionel Messi paid tribute to Diego Maradona on Wednesday by calling him “eternal” after his fellow Argentine died of a heart attack. “A very sad day for all Argentines and football,” Messi wrote on Instagram. “He has left us but he will never leave us because Diego is eternal.

Are Barcelona in debt?

As of last June, the club owed 126 million euros in short-term debt to teams including FC Girondins de Bordeaux and Liverpool FC. It had a further 197 million euros in long-term debt to other clubs.

Why did Pele never won the Ballon d Or?

Neither Pele nor Diego Maradona were ever eligible to win the Ballon d‘Or, with the FIFA Player of the Year award arriving too late in 1991. … It wasn’t until 2010 that it merged with the FIFA Player of the Year to create the award we know today, and so the great Brazil and Argentina legends were never considered for it.

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