Best answer: Which English footballer has played for the most clubs?

Which footballer has played for the most Premier League clubs?

Gareth Barry has the most Premier League appearances. James Milner is the only active Premier League player with over 500 appearances.

Which player has been to the most clubs?

Sud América striker Sebastián Abreu has retired after playing for the most clubs in football history, according to ESPN’s Adriana Garcia. Abreu, 44, played for 31 clubs—a Guinness world record—throughout his 26-year career.

What player played for the most football teams?

Peter Shilton holds the record for the most competitive appearances in world football. Roberto Carlos holds the record among outfield players.


Player Rogério Ceni
Pos. G
Apps 1,234
Goals 129
Teams Brazil

Which Premier League team has the most English players 2021?

Bournemouth have used more English players than any other Premier League club this season, while their Tuesday night opponents Arsenal have preferred Spanish and French players.

Who has played for the most London clubs?

Clive Darren Allen (born 20 May 1961) is an English former professional footballer who played as a forward for seven different London clubs.

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What is a journeyman footballer?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In American English, a journeyman or journeywoman is an athlete who is technically competent but unable to excel. The term is used elsewhere (such as in British and Australian contexts) to refer to a professional sportsman who plays for numerous clubs during his career.

Which player has played in every English league?

Stephen John Finnan (born 24 April 1976) is an Irish former international footballer who played as a right back. He is the only player to have played in the World Cup, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, Intertoto Cup, all four levels of the English league football and the Football Conference.

Who has the longest football career?


Rank Player Years
1 Morten Andersen+ 1982-2007
2 Adam Vinatieri 1996-2019
3 Gary Anderson 1982-2004
4 Jeff Feagles 1988-2009

Who is the highest paid footballer 2020?

Cristiano Ronaldo surpasses Lionel Messi as highest paid…

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  • Manchester United has another player in the top 10, with Paul Pogba expected to earn $34 million in the 2021-22 season.

Who is the richest footballer in the world?

Well, when it comes to money it’s Ronaldo who has pipped Messi to the prize of the world’s richest footballer this time. According to financial business magazine, Forbes, Ronaldo is set to earn over $125 million (£91m) by the end of the 2021-2022 season. Don’t be too sad for Messi though.

Who is the world’s most expensive soccer player?

1. Lionel Messi (Paris Saint-Germain – 1,325,000 dollars per week. New club, same status. The best on the planet, perhaps the greatest of all time, it’s no surprise he commands the biggest wages in the sport.

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