Are professional football fields bigger than high school?

Are professional soccer fields bigger than football fields?

The field dimensions are within the range found optimal by FIFA: 110–120 yards (100–110 m) long by 70–80 yards (64–75 m) wide. These soccer field dimensions are wider than the regulation American football field width of 531⁄3 yards (48.8 m), or the 65-yard (59 m) width of a Canadian football field.

How much bigger is a professional soccer field?

The size of a professional soccer field must be between 100-130 yards (90-120 meters) long by 50-100 yards (45–90 meters) wide.

Dimensions of a Professional Soccer Field.

Area of the Field Measurements
Goal area depth 6 yards (5.5 m)
Goal area width 20 yards (18.3 m)

Why are soccer fields so big?

So, while a football field does fit within the parameters of a soccer field, a pitch that’s created for soccer would most likely be larger than a football field. Because two different soccer fields might have different dimensions, it creates an added challenge for dome building.

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