Team USA Should Suspend Goalkeeper Hope Solo

Updated: September 20, 2014
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There was excitement and joy last Thursday night, as Team USA women’s national team goalkeeper Hope Solo extended her shutout record to 73 against Mexico in a 4-0 victory. After the game, the fans cheered and players posed to take pictures and sign autographs as they usually do.

The younger girls were amazed, what an amazing moment it must have been for them. Having their favorite soccer players sign their own cleats and gloves with the hopes of one day being in their shoes and representing their country playing a game that they love so much. When the players are done signing autographs and taking pictures, they go home to their regular lives.

Well how about the life of Solo? There is no question; on the field Solo is a great player. What she has done for Team USA is unbelievable. But, off the field, how she has represented Team USA is inexcusable. Solo is currently facing domestic violence charges from an incident in June where she’s accused of punching both her sister and nephew at a late night party.

According to the police report, Solo was the main aggressor and instigator of the assault at a family party that Ultimately left her Sister and Nephew with a few face and head injuries. On June 23 Solo pleaded not guilty. Her trial is set to begin in November. Until then, the court has ordered her to refrain from drinking alcohol and to stay away from her sister and nephew.

With all of the recent NFL suspensions and players being removed off of the field for their domestic violence and accusations of assaults, eyebrows are being raised as to why Solo remains on the field for Team USA. Although her team in the NWSL, the Seattle Reign, spoke on Solo’s situation saying they were “gathering evidence on the case” thus still allowing her to play on the field.

Team USA is apparently following suit — but, why? Why is she still playing for Team USA and the Reign right now? To win games? To continue to break records? Save the face for women’s soccer?

These are questions that need answers. If Solo was an average player she would probably be benched or kicked off of the team by now. But, because she is one of the biggest stars in women’s pro sports, she gets a pass. Before Thursday night’s game against Mexico, Neil Buethe, a spokesman for team USA, acknowledged that the organization is aware of Solo’s situation and described it as “dealing with a personal situation.” Recognizing Solo’s shutout record he said,

“She has an opportunity to set a significant record that speaks to her hard work and dedication over the years with the national team. While considering all factors involved, we believe that we should recognize that in the proper way.”

Solo has apologized on Facebook for what she describes the situation as an “highly unfortunate incident.” She also added,

“Time to get back on the field, where I belong.”

No, Solo you do not belong on the field — at least not this time.


Nishara Holmes



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