NASCAR Lays Down Law in Texas

Updated: November 4, 2014
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The race at Texas Motor Speedway this past Sunday was a snooze fest. Until, of course, the very end when caution flags were thrown into the wind like candy at a yarn barn.

You see, the entire race can’t be boring. You need to add a little drama at the end. During the last lap, driver Brad Keselowski (remember him from three weeks ago?) was trying to pass HMS teammates Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon for the win. They tried to block Keselowski’s No.2 car, and in doing so connected with Gordon.

This is what ensued after the race: There were crew members from the following teams; Gordon, Kasey Kahne, Keselowski and others that we can’t quite make out. However, punches were thrown and some connected.

Gordon called Keselowski a “Dipshit” on television. The driver of the second place finisher, Kevin Harvick — driver of the No. 4 Stewart Haas car — is seen pushing Bad Brad while stating he must learn to fight his battles and take it like a man .

Here is the brawl heard around the world.

We have been anxiously awaiting penalties (If there’s any to be given out). I don’t agree with penalties after a race, if it’s outside of the car. You want to fight, fight. It has been a part of NASCAR since it’s fruition.

Well NASCAR laid down the law today and no drivers were fined or penalized at all. Crew members from Kahne and Gordon’s crew fell victim to NASCAR’s hypocrisy yet again. Oh by the way, Johnson won the race — a NON-Chase drive.

Here is my issue : Fans have been going crazy screaming penalize that one, suspend him, kick this one out, etc. They clearly want a very vanilla PC NASCAR. I am not sure how much more regulated it can get. I do know one thing; I am losing interest quickly, and the fans I spoke of are making it worse.


Robyn Vandenberg


Photo Credit: (Geoff Burke Getty Images)

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