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Josiah Turner — @JsiahSportsJosiah Turner

• Role: Founder/Editor-in-Chief

• Hometown: Chesapeake, Virginia

• Fun Fact: I have the same birthday as Michael Jackson


Dedrick Hendrix — @DCHendrix

Dedrick Hendrix• Role: Founder/Editor/NBA and MLB writer

• Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

• Fun Fact: Loves to party!



Emily Gruver — @EmilyGruver3Emily Gruver

• Role: Editor/NBA, NFL and MLB writer

• Hometown: Pennsylvania

• Fun Fact: Plays the drums


Brian Emejuru — @Bemejuru Brian Emejuru

• Role: College Football writer

• Hometown: Virginia

• Fun Fact: Played four years of college rugby at VCU


Nishara Holmes — @SharaH__Nishara Holmes

• Role: Sports writer

• Hometown: Maryland

• Fun Fact: Loves Action Movies


Kelsey Holmes — @KelsBryceKelsey Holmes

• Role: Sports writer/Focus on the NFL

• Hometown: Portsmouth, Virginia

• Fun Fact: Graduated college before she could legally drink


Alex Kungu — @Kunguuu Alex Kungu

• Role: NBA writer

• Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

• Fun Fact: Right-handed but shoots left-handed


alexAlex Cole@AlexColeMLBMiLB

• Role: MLB writer

• Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

• Fun Fact: Rabid Phoenix Suns fan since he was born


Michael Whitlow@MAWhitlowMichael Whitlow

• Role: College Basketball writer, Editor

• Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

• Fun Fact: I’m a registered bucket-getter on the sticks in NBA 2K


Steven Liberman @StevenLiberman Steven

• Role: NHL writer

• Hometown: Englishtown, New Jersey

• Fun Fact: Running my sixth Half Marathon in April


Dan Vance@DanVanceDan Vance

• Role: UFC Writer

• Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

• Designer for Fort Wayne’s “The News Sentinel”

• Fun Fact: Both a basketball enthusiast and coach. He’s also a die hard Duke basketball fan.


Jeremiah MartinezJeremiah Martinez

  • Role: MLB, NFL and NBA writer
  • Hometown: Bay Area, CA
  • Mass Communication major at California State University
  • Sports writer for the student publication, “The State Hornet” 

Josiah Turner

Josiah Turner

Josiah is the founder and editor-in-chief at Sideline Sports Report. He has written for and is currently a digital editor at the SEC Network. He has covered the Washington Redskins for FanSided, and he has also covered high school basketball for and the Mechanicsville Local newspaper. Josiah is from Chesapeake, Va., and a college graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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