How good could Brock Osweiler really become?

Updated: December 1, 2015
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Almost four years into his career, Denver Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler now has two starts and two wins on his resume’. Osweiler was Denver’s second-round selection in the 2012 NFL draft, and he’s expected to be the future of the Broncos’ organization.

Peyton Manning will miss significant time due to a partially torn plantar fascia near his left heel. The formerly known understudy of Manning, Osweiler, has thrown for 250 and 270 yards in his two wins. The most impressive victory, though, came on Sunday Night Football against the then-undefeated New England Patriots. But, how good can the 6-foot-8 quarterback truly be?

Osweiler appeared to be very clutch in the overtime victory over New England. The 39-yard completion to Emmanuel Sanders that eventually set up a first-and-goal opportunity with 1:30 remaining, was arguably the best throw either quarterback made all game.

There were some questionable flags called within’ the last couple minutes of regulation, and one came on that same drive. On second-and-goal, Patriots safety Patrick Chung was flagged for holding Demaryius Thomas on a play where Osweiler was sacked for a huge loss. If that flag wasn’t thrown, the Broncos were looking at third-and-goal from the 19-yard line. Just like that, the game could have been over. Instead, due to the penalty, it was first-and-goal on the 4-yard line.

Also, the inconsistent play by Broncos running back C.J. Anderson finally came to an end. This season was expected to be a breakout year for him, and he hasn’t met those expectations thus far. He finally had the game Denver fans were waiting for against New England, finishing with a 113-yard and two-touchdown performance. Anderson was the one who sealed the game in overtime with a 49-yard touchdown run. One could argue that it was the running game that defeated the Patriots, not Osweiler.

Not taking anything away from the former Arizona State Sun Devil, he at the very least doesn’t turn the ball over. He has only one interception in his two starts. One of the biggest concerns many people have noticed with Osweiler is his tendency to hold onto the ball a little too long while in the pocket, causing him to get sacked more often than he should. However, he was much improved in that area versus New England, compared to the way he played against the Chicago Bears the prior week.

In contrast, the 25-year-old quarterback is 2-0, and coming off of an impressive victory over the defending Super Bowl champions. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how he responds to a costly interception or fumble — that’s when you can distinguish how good he’ll end up becoming. It will be compelling to see how this story plays out as the season comes to a close. For now, the Broncos are 9-2, and on a roll with Osweiler behind center.

DC Hendrix

Report for Sideline Sports Report. Producer/Host for ESPN 1380 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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