Golf: Tiger Woods Decides To Take A Break From Golf

Updated: August 19, 2014
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It is quite clear that Tiger Woods has not fully recovered from his back injury. Since his return he has not been the Tiger we all love and grew up watching, and he has announced he will be taking a leave of absence from the game of golf.

Not only will he be taking a break from the golf course, he also announced that he will not be participating at the driving range. Monday night in New Jersey, Woods was promoting a new line of Nike weighted clubs, he released the following statement regarding his current status with golf:

“It’s probably going to be a month or two. I just need to get strong. It’s one of the things that when I took that fall at Firestone No. 2, I hadn’t done any agility work, so that’s part of the deal.”

This is an executive decision being made by Woods, and perhaps it is much needed. On Aug. 3, he withdrew from the final round of the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational after hurting his back as he fell into a bunker on only the second hole. After deciding to play in the PGA Championship, Woods still ended up missing the cut for only the fourth time in his entire career.

Just last week, he did withdraw himself from the Ryders Cup as well by claiming that his doctors told him to do so. According to Woods, his next appearance will be in December — which is a few months away, but it does give him some time to heal which is most important at this point in his career.


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