Who deserves to win NFL MVP, Cam Newton or Tom Brady?

Updated: November 25, 2015
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There are two undefeated teams left in the National Football League, the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots. Both teams are a perfect 10-0, and both quarterbacks are in the MVP discussion.

Cam Newton has become the most popular player in the league, as Tom Brady continues to leave his mark as one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Both players have had outstanding years, but who deserves to be named MVP when the season is over? Here are my thoughts on who should win, and why:

Newton is the most talked about quarterback in the NFL. Between leading his team to 10 straight victories, and his famous celebration dance known as “The Dab,” he’s become the topic of discussion almost every week on national sports shows. He has improved so much as not only a player, but also as a leader. Last season, he finished with 18 touchdown passes and 12 interceptions. This season, through 10 games, he has 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions. In Sunday’s victory over the Washington Redskins, he threw a career-high five touchdown passes. He has also rushed for 382 yards and six touchdowns so far this season.

However, if winning the MVP award comes down to numbers, then Newton is not your guy. If winning MVP is about the impact a player has had on and off the field, then this is definitely Newton’s year. He has changed the mentality and culture in Carolina. This team expects to win games now, no matter who they face. Before the season started, many predicted the Panthers to rank last in the division — especially after losing wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin for the year with a torn ACL. Now, they’re considered one of the best teams in the league.

But Brady is the best overall quarterback in the NFL. He’s the most consistent player that we’ve witnessed over the last 16 years. He has led the Patriots to another 10-plus-win season for the 13th time in his career, and at age 38, he’s looking better than ever. It was expected for him to play with a chip on his shoulder this year after the “Deflategate” scandal took place throughout the offseason. He’s lived up to those expectations and beyond. He has thrown for 3,320 yards, 25 touchdowns and four interceptions through 10 games.

Based on numbers alone, Brady should be named MVP when the season comes to a close. He continues to impress by his ability to produce with what’s around him. He’s lost his No. 1 running back, Dion Lewis, and his top receiver, Julian Edelman, for the remainder of the season. Wide receiver Danny Amendola left Monday night’s game against the Buffalo Bills due to a knee injury, and Aaron Dobson left due to an ankle injury. However, Brady still finds ways to win games. He’s putting up historic-type numbers, and he has a very good chance of leading the Patriots to a perfect 16-0 regular season — for the second time in his career.

Newton and Brady both deserve to be mentioned in the MVP discussion. What they’ve done with the very little talent that’s surrounding them is absolutely amazing. They’ve both played with a chip on their shoulder after a controversial offseason, and they both know how to win games.

If an MVP had to be chosen today, I would go with Brady. It seems as if every week he loses someone valuable to his offense, yet he still performs exceptionally well. Newton has been impressive, however, he does have a fourth-ranked defense that has helped his cause — compared to Brady’s Patriots and their 15th-ranked D. But with six games remaining for both teams, there’s still a lot of football left to be played. It may come down to which team finishes the regular season with the better record.

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