Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Are Still Dating

Updated: October 10, 2014
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When NASCAR driver’s Danica Patrick and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. “came out” as a romantic couple, the NASCAR media had a field day.

Every chance a reporter or analyst could say, “Patrick, who is now dating Ricky Stenhouse Jr.” they said it. For this NASCAR fan and on air personality for the sport, I played with the over exposed subject. I would have breaking news audio clips and even tell my audience that Patrick and Stenhouse Jr. have been spotted at the porta potty station off turn four.

Patrick is her own phenom as a full-time female driver for Stewart HAAS Racing and she can’t do anything wrong or right depending on who is writing the article. Her Go Daddy commercials are epic and are seen each year on Super Bowl Sunday. She is without a doubt a beautiful woman, but also a bad ass. Before NASCAR scooped her up, she drove for Indy Car Racing. Her tenure in NASCAR has been shaky. It is a love/hate relationship with the fans. She is improving every year and driving right through those infamous glass ceilings. Stenhouse Jr. drives for Roush-Fenway and is also making a name for himself as a driver.

Patrick is now a senior editor of Derek Jeter’s new website, The Players’ Tribune. She has also penned her first column called “Relationship Status: Normal-ish.”  I love the title and the article will not disappoint. If you are not a Patrick fan, you will probably become one as we have never really had the opportunity to be “in the know.” She tackles the on-track battles with Stenhouse Jr., as well as the battle she is having with herself as a female athlete. This is a serious relationship she writes of, and right now sharing a home and new puppy make her very happy. However, you can tell she wants more, both professionally and personally. Regardless, if you are fan of NASCAR, this is a feel good article and hopefully the first of many to come.

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