Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson suspended 7 games for domestic violence

Updated: May 15, 2015
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The WNBA has suspended Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson for a domestic violence incident on April 22. The suspension includes seven games, which accounts for 21 percent of the season, and mandatory individual counseling. This is the longest suspension in WNBA history.

The league had conducted an investigation on the incident and reported that “Brittney received a bite on her finger and scratches on her wrist, and Glory received a scratch above her lip and was diagnosed with a concussion,” following the incident. WNBA president Laurel J. Richie spoke on the suspension saying:

“The W.N.B.A. takes all acts of violence extremely seriously. It is our strong belief that violence has absolutely no place in society, in sports or in this league. As president, it is my responsibility to protect the league and uphold its values. Our athletes represent the W.N.B.A., and they all must abide by the league’s standards of conduct. In this case, Brittney and Glory failed to do so, and that is unacceptable.” Richie said in a statement.  “Brittney and Glory’s conduct is detrimental to the best interests of the WNBA and violates applicable law. We also understand that people make mistakes, and that education and training are as important as imposing discipline.” 

Richie also mentioned that she’s spoken with several domestic violence experts, including former chief of sex crimes prosecutor in Manhattan, Linda Fairstein, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Griner, 24, was the 2014 WNBA Defensive Player of the Year, and plays for the defending champion Phoenix Mercury. Johnson, who’s also 24, plays for the Tulsa Shock.

The season will begin on June 5, as Griner is expected to be back on the court June 27 against the Minnesota Lynx and Johnson is expected to be back on June 26 against the New York Liberty. They will face off against each other on July 2.

The two were married in Phoenix last Friday.

 Griner spoke on her suspension in a statement “I have already learned a tremendous amount from this experience and am committed to improving myself and my marriage going forward. I want to thank everyone for their support over these last few weeks. I realize I let down a lot of people who have been champions for me and I will support my teammates and our organization every day until I am back on the court. I am thankful for the opportunity to make positive changes and become a role model for others to do the same.” 

Now all questions have been answered, after all of the speculation on what the WNBA would do if they were to have an incident of this type, and how would they react considering they do not have a policy regarding domestic violence.

It looks like the league will not tolerate any violence at all, as they shouldn’t. There’s no question that Griner and Johnson are both studs on the court. However, it’s unfortunate that a physical altercation took place following their dispute. I would hope the two have learned from their mistakes, and I wish them the best of luck this season.


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