Rose to New York, Teague to Indiana; NBA offseason is underway

Updated: June 22, 2016
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D Rose


It’s the eve of the NBA draft, and things got a little crazy Wednesday evening. Three starting point guards changed teams, and one lottery pick has a new location. Let’s take a look at where each team’s head may be after their big moves.

Jazz receive: George Hill

Hawks receive: Utah 2016 first rounder, 12th pick in draft

Pacers receive: Jeff Teague 

Utah Jazz

The deal makes immediate sense for Utah, who has been searching for an upgrade at the point guard position. Hill will mirror the rest of the team’s strong defensive image, and also add the ability to shoot and score with the ball in and out of his hands. Rodney Hood and Gordon Hayward are also great initiators with the ball, so they should all benefit from playing alongside one another. The future remains unclear for 2014 lottery pick Dante Exum, who’s reportedly set to return after going through a season-ending ACL tear last summer. My best bet is that he ends up back with the team as a third guard off the bench, but even then his lack of shooting could become problematic with Alec Burks — another ball-handler who struggles to shoot. The ending seems near for both Trey Burke and Shelvin Mack. Mack will most likely be waived, and Burke may follow suit — though the team has been trying to trade him for awhile now. Regardless, the Jazz got better today. And with Hayward set to hit free agency next season, a playoff run could keep him interested in staying put.

Atlanta Hawks

For Atlanta, the trade could mean two different things. Usually when you trade an established veteran for a lottery pick, it’s a sign that you are on the verge of rebuilding. And with an old roster with limited upside, that would make sense. However, it’s been reported that the Hawks are looking to deal the recently acquired 12th pick, along with their 21st pick, in order to make it easier to re-sign All-Star center Al Horford. The Hawks will also have around $20-plus million to spend even after re-signing Horford, which could make them players for some of the available big-name free agents. If they do use the pick, they’ll be looking for a young big such as Deyonta Davis or Jakob Poeltl. So the Hawks are prepared to go either direction, though I’m sure the coaching staff would rather win. And with their well-known attendance record, I’m positive ownership wouldn’t be thrilled about a rebuild. Nevertheless, it will be something to monitor.

Jeff Teague

Indiana Pacers

The trade here was very confusing for the Pacers. You got back a worse starting point guard, in a year where a few solid moves could’ve made you a serious playoff threat. Jeff Teague is a solid point guard, but he’s a worse defender and shooter than Hill, making his fit with Monta Ellis even more confusing. I’ll refrain from attacking the trade too much for Indiana because they may not be done making moves yet, and there might be an angle from inside the organization that we don’t know about. But just on the surface, this is not a good deal at all for them.


Knicks receive: Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, 2017 second-round pick

Bulls receive: Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon 

New York Knicks

In one of the more interesting moves early this offseason, the Knicks were able to get a big name without giving up anything substantial. Rose has been catching a lot of slack, but he was a lights-out shooter post All-Star break last season — shooting 37.5 percent from three, and raising his field-goal percentage from 40.8 to 46.8 percent. There are some legitimate questions on whether his stats can translate into team wins. Last season, even with the post All-Star surge, he was still an overall negative on the court, and didn’t seem like an ideal fit around Jimmy Butler. In New York, he’ll have a bigger star who enjoys working more inside the paint, and a young, budding star who he’ll need to build chemistry with quickly. If Rose can commit to just being a piece, rather than a superstar-type player, the transition to New York can be good one — considering his diminished expectations. However, the Knicks will need to find themselves a strong third guard who can be a spot starter for Rose. Besides the injury concerns, it was clear he played a lot better with multiple days of rest, and the Knicks should work with him to create a plan that isn’t as taxing on his knees. Overall, I’d say it was a good deal for the Knicks.

Robin Lopez

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls finally got rid of the headache of trying to maintain a rocky Rose-Butler relationship. With the most likely scenario that both Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah are gone, Lopez is a nice replacement as a “dirty work” center who runs the floor and protects the paint. The Bulls also got sophomore guard Jerian Grant, who should strive as a change-the-pace backup point guard, and Jose Calderon, who’s great insurance as a third guard. I still think the Bulls will target Vanderbilt’s Wade Baldwin with their pick at 14, but they could also explore trading Butler and hitting the reset button. Even though I doubt that’s likely. It’ll be interesting to see how the Bulls approach free agency. If they decide to stay competitive, a name I like for them would be Hawks swingman Kent Bazemore. Bazemore, Butler, Baldwin, Bobby Portis and Robin Lopez could form a staunch defensive unit.

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