RGIII to Dallas would be a nightmare for Redskins fans

Updated: February 19, 2016
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I can see it now: Late in the game, with about two minutes to go, Robert Griffin III is preparing to go under center and lead his team on a game-winning drive. With his plaits hanging out from under his helmet, he pops in his mouthpiece with a look of determination imprinted on his face. He breaks the huddle, and stares at 11 players dressed in burgundy and gold on the opposite side of the ball.

But he’d be in a white jersey with blue numbers, gray pants and a gray helmet with a big blue star on the side. Griffin would be lining up as a Dallas Cowboy — facing his former team, the Washington Redskins.

Not quite the visual most Redskins fans would prefer to see. But it could become reality, and sooner than you’d think.

It’s a foregone conclusion that Griffin won’t be returning to the nation’s capital next season, as they’ve handed the keys over to Kirk Cousins. But here comes the interesting part: Where does the former Offensive Rookie of the Year end up? There are a few teams in the NFL who could benefit from his services, even if that consists of him being a backup. But of those teams, which one will go out on a limb and sign him?

Well, we know Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always been in the business of taking risks. With the continued off-field issues for Johnny Manziel, who the Cleveland Browns are expected to release, there’s little chance he’ll be suiting up for an NFL team next season. And Dallas is in desperate need of a backup to Tony Romo, who will be turning 36 in April and has been hampered by injuries over the past few years. Dallas finished 1-11 without Romo in 2015, and Jones and company refuses to let that happen again.

Griffin grew up in Texas, played his college ball in Texas (at Baylor) and would probably love the opportunity to play professionally in the Lone Star State. If he were to return to his 2012 form — even though it feels like we’ve been saying that forever now — Griffin could still strike fear in opposing defenses. The last thing Redskins fans want to see is Griffin scrambling around, without a brace on his knee, and making defensive linemen miss left and right — all while in a Cowboys jersey.

If Romo suffers another collarbone injury, it could spell the end of his NFL career. I know that’s not what Dallas fans would like to hear, but it’s the harsh reality. He has broken the same left collarbone three times in his career, including twice last season. And if Griffin does sign with Dallas, he would have the chance to be the Cowboys’ quarterback of the future once Romo hangs it up.

I’ve come across a few Redskins fans who made statements like, “I hope he goes to Dallas and eat us up, because we did him wrong.”

But, let’s be honest for a second: How many Washington fans would actually like to see the quarterback who once suited up and went to war with them, play for their arch rival and carve up their defense?

Not many. Because no one would want to see that happen to their team.

Imagine if Magic Johnson spent a few years playing with the Boston Celtics during his prime. All Los Angeles Lakers fans would’ve immediately lost respect, despite what he accomplished in Hollywood. What if Ray Lewis decided to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers at some point during his career, and continue to dominate from the middle linebacker position. Yea, Baltimore Ravens fans would despise him.

Griffin left a lasting legacy on D.C. in his rookie season. It was short lived, but he gave the city hope. He led the team to the playoffs for the first time since 2007, an NFC East division crown for the first time since 1999, and he had defensive coordinators across the NFL scratching their heads. What he accomplished will never be forgotten. But Redskins fans, including myself, wouldn’t want to see him do anything similar to that…in Dallas.

Personally, I would like to see him get back on his feet and succeed. But not in Dallas. He could go anywhere else in the league, but not to the Cowboys. The team that Washington faces twice a year, and the team that they literally hate. Even if he were to be signed by another divisional foe, like the Philadelphia Eagles, which seems unlikely now that Chip Kelly has been fired, it wouldn’t be as bad as Dallas. What about the Los Angeles Rams, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, Denver Broncos or San Francisco 49ers? How about the Houston Texans, who are also near his hometown?

Any team would do. Just not the Cowboys.

It’s something Redskins fans shouldn’t want to see. The image of Griffin throwing strikes to Dez Bryant is eating away at me as I type. He’d probably cut his hair (finally), put up big numbers and become the face of the NFL. He’d probably make another dozen Subway commercials and go “all in” when he plays against Washington. Everyone who owns a RGIII jersey would probably burn it, while having a few cold beers to watch it vanish and turn to dust.

Just the thought of Griffin flourishing in a Cowboys uniform, and putting a grinch-like smile on Jones’ face, is nauseating. But it’s possible, and that’s the scary part.

These are things that could happen, but shouldn’t. I know you want to get revenge for Jay Gruden benching you RGIII, but take my advice: Don’t do it in Dallas. As far as Redskins fans are concerned, that’s just a nightmare waiting to happen.

Josiah Turner

Josiah Turner

Josiah is the founder and editor-in-chief at Sideline Sports Report. He is a former writer for ESPN, and has written for Rant Sports and FanSided covering the Washington Redskins. He has also covered high school basketball for Rivals.com and the Mechanicsville Local newspaper. Josiah is from Chesapeake, Va., and a college graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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